Anna Maria Island Photographer Session Details

Who is your child? What do they like, enjoy, explore? When you commission work with me, you will receive artwork that documents your child as they are-today. I may use props to highlight their personality, but I will not use unnecessary things that will clutter an image. I strive to create timeless pieces of art which will be enjoyed for years to come. My scenes will “make sense”. I will not shoot a bed in a field, or a child with a lot of stylized props on the beach if they do not fit with what a child would do at the beach. I feel that the spirit of children and essence of families can stand mostly on their own-with a few enhancements. I love the magic of childhood and watching families grow.
I am a fine art Anna Maria Island photographer. In order to maintain my style, I stick to the following recipes.

My recipe for childhood includes the following:
Take innocence, curiosity, wonder, and a zest for life-stir in a dose of laughter, raw emotion, love, and a quiet spirit. Mix together with a large quantity of pure joy. Wrap in a tender heart. Serve quickly and soak up every moment. Will spoil quickly and will not freeze well-unless documented in art.

My recipe for families: Works with those old, new, growing or changing.
Take forgiveness, laughter, tears, joy, memories, peace, and solidarity and mix together. Knead out the troubles, challenges, anger and tears. Toss with affection and unending support. Soak in unconditional love. Warm up a touch. Sprinkle with giggles and a smile.

Best served captured on film.

My goal is not to capture emotion during a session. During the consultation we will discuss how you want your images to make you feel. It is my job to provide you with images that provoke an emotional reaction within you. Surround yourself with images that speak to you.

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