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Welcome to my blogsite! Here you will find some information on how to commission photographic art, as well as samples of my work.

Kelly Janssen Photography is located on Anna Maria Island, FL and specializes in capturing your spirit and documenting it in art. We focus primarily on maternity, newborn, child, and family photographic art.

Kelly Janssen Photography tends to attract clients who are in search of a unique and specialized look. We may not be the best fit if you are looking for a quick session simply to photograph what your child looks like at this age. We are a much stronger match for clients who are looking to capture and display the essence of their child or family.

Motherhood is….January

January 20, 2016

Every month I take part in a blog post related to motherhood. I am part of a group of photographers that examine what motherhood looks like for us (or to us) each month. For 2016, I have decided to do it a little differently.

I purchased a very large piece of art for a planned gallery wall. It has the following words:

I will let you be little
Fill your heart with laughter
Help you grow wings
Nurture your sense of wonder
Inspire you to believe
And love you, like there is no tomorrow

This perfectly captures exactly why we moved our family to this little island. It sums up exactly what I am looking for in my motherhood. I want to keep this as my focus, and raise little boys into grown-ups that do not need me, but want me in their life. So my focus for 2016 will be related to this. It means you may get iphone photos, or old film ones, a freelens shot, or even a drugstore cheapie camera. Enjoy my perspective of motherhood, and complete the circle by checking out the work of the next photographer.

Playing in the rain

walking on sunshine

pool dreams

Shadow stories

sweet dreams

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Motherhood Is…gratefulness

November 20, 2015

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. -Denis Waitley

I could not be more grateful for these moments, these children, this privilege of motherhood. Loving the everyday beauty in our lives.

Anna maria island child

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Motherhood is…so many emotions

October 19, 2015

I usually showcase other mothers for my monthly project. However, I spent a bit of time going through some of my old photos of my boys, and wow-SO MANY EMOTIONS! I do not think that I can accurately describe how it feels to watch your babies grow up. I feel like I see them every day-and cherish any time I have with them. However, when I go back over these photos-I am just a mix of sweet memories and the painful tugs of time gone by. I know I don’t have much longer until they want to spend all of their time with friends, and this month it was such a strong reminder to live each day in the present with them.

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Motherhood is…

September 19, 2015

This is a monthly project which looks at difference facets of motherhood. This month, I decided to go back to the beginning. Motherhood is nourishment. Nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. My job as a mother is to nourish these little beings with all that I have. I have so much power in what I put into their minds and bodies, it is something that should not be taken lightly.

This month I photographed a stunning mother/daughter breastfeeding session. It was this session that reminded me of how nourishment begins at conception, and then continues for the rest of their life.

Anna Maria island photographer

Anna Maria Island Photographer

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Motherhood is….

August 20, 2015

This is a monthly blog post about motherhood. For me this month is about holding on, and letting go. Sometimes it is so hard to decide which one we need to do. These photos illustrate the connection, and then also letting our children go to explore some of the world on their own.

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Motherhood is beauty

July 17, 2015

As a photographer I get the opportunity to photograph many different families. Every time their story is unique and special. This family had just finalized their adoption, and these girls had not seen the ocean before this trip. It was a beautiful occasion, and such a celebration of motherhood-however your story unfolds :)

Anna Maria photographer

Anna Maria Photographer

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Motherhood Is…

February 20, 2015

This is a blog circle that I take part in each month. The topic is Motherhood Is…

For me, this month I chose to focus on how Motherhood is change (with a little bit of magic as well). There is a constant change, but the love is always there. From the beginning, to adding a sibling, to welcoming a newborn, to the last baby, to the removal of a crib, to graduations, weddings, and all of the milestones of life.

In this set of images, the body changes, the sky changes, but the connection between the mother, baby, and environment all stays the same.

Florida Beach maternity photography

Florida beach maternity

Florida Beach Maternity

Florida beach newborn

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Beach Family Photo Ideas {Anna Maria Island}

November 1, 2014

Anna Maria Island offers gorgeous beaches and beautiful skies which provide stunning backdrops for family photos. Choosing neutral colored clothing allows for the connection between the family members to be highlighted.

October skies are some of my favorites. The clouds and stunning colors are so beautiful to take in each evening. Please contact Kelly Janssen Photography to schedule your beach session.

Beach photography ideas anna maria island

Motherhood is … Affection

October 20, 2014

Each month I join a group of photographers who tell the story of what motherhood is to them. This month, I decided to focus on affection.
Motherhood is affection. It is that connection and love you feel from a mother to child. Motherhood is the warmth that radiates through that bond. Motherhood is knowing wherever you are-you are loved.

Anna Maria island photographer

Anna Maria Island photographer

Anna Maria Island photographer

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FAQ….Unicorn Shoot

October 8, 2014

Anna Maria Island  Beach Photographer

The unicorn shoot will take place on Monday November 17, 2014. Please contact me for a time slot.

Details: Location will be provided via email.

15-20 min time slots
Please arrive 15 minutes before your time slot to familiarize yourself with the location.
If you wish to use some of the clothing offered, please arrive 20-30 minutes early
(Allowing time to select clothing and get comfortable)
There will be two white unicorns.
You will receive 5-7 digital images with print release for personal use.

Why only 15-20 minutes?
Since this is a specific themed session, I will be focusing on particular images. I will get both wide angle, and close up shots of your child and unicorn.

Why two unicorns?
I plan to only photograph one at a time. However, I plan to provide a “petting area” for the children to meet the other unicorn while they are not being photographed. This will allow the child to enjoy the animal without the pressure of photos.

What about the safety of my child?
These horses are licensed, insured, and trained with children. They are also trained to look up and respond to their trainers. That being said-they are animals. I will not shoot in any condition in which anyone appears to be in danger.

What if my child is scared?
I will work with your child and the animal to get the shots your desire. Sometimes that means I have to get creative. This does not mean I will force your child to do something if he/she is uncomfortable.

When will I get my images?
I hope to have the images delivered to all clients within 2-3 weeks. Because the next week is Thanksgiving, and I will be out of state-it might take some the full 3 weeks.

How will I get my images?
They will be delivered electronically via dropbox.

What is your style?
My style is more artistic. I enjoy turning the image into something that I see in my mind. For this shoot, that means magical and mysterious. I get all of the basics correct in camera, but I do plan to utilize photoshop to give it a magical feel. I photograph children as they are, however I will remove things that are not permanent (snotty noses, scrapes, bruises, etc).

Are there any other specific rules?
Yes. Please come, have fun, and enjoy the experience. I do allow cell phone cameras when I am not shooting, but please leave the big cameras at home. I have a contract and commitment to the horse owner of what and how I will photograph her animals. I need to honor that and be in control of the images that leave the session. It also makes it incredibly difficult to do my work with someone photographing over my shoulder. You are hiring me to deliver a particular product to you, so please trust that I will deliver.

What happens if the weather is bad?
We will reschedule. If you cannot make the reschedule date I will refund you.

How do I pay?
Cash, check, or paypal. 50% is due to hold your spot and is non-refundable with the exception of weather.

If you have any other specific questions or concerns please contact me at kelly@kellyjanssenphotography.com
instagram: @theislandwife

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