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Motherhood is….all about the light.

June 25, 2016

This is a feature where each month a group of photographers post about what Motherhood looks like to us for that particular month. This month the post due date was just after a very long week with a lot of personal and national tragedy and heartache. I decided to look over the images I had been taking, and see what I could find within them. I was expecting to talk about peace, love, family, bonding-or something of the like. Instead, I discovered something unexpected-quite literally I saw the light.

As a photographer I am always drawn to light. I find myself looking for good light (or complete lack of it), interesting light, warm light, small slivers of light….really I spend days chasing light. It is quite often that motherhood feels like this as well-chasing the daylight until time for the kids to go to bed, and then rushing to complete chores and get some sleep before daylight. What I noticed is that I very rarely have to position my children within the light. They simply find it themselves. I set out to see how and why they could so easily find this often elusive perfect light.

I discovered that my children are drawn to light. It gives them energy and joy. They turn to face the sun, they alert me to the gorgeous light of the sunrise or sunset, they love how the clouds glow at the beginning and end of the day, the can always find the moon-even in the glare of the sun. Children are always seeking the light, and choose to have their face toward the sun. They bathe in the light, are warmed by the light, play with the light, and in darkness are even comforted by light.

I am not quite certain when we lose this ability to always be drawn to the light, but I know it happens. I know now I have to look for light, and it doesn’t always come naturally or easily. I also found that my children look to me to provide the same warmth and peace as the light. It is my job to be the light for my children and others. I want to be the place that can brighten their shadows, that can provide warmth when it is cold, that can offer comfort in the night, that can help them find their way when darkness falls. My focus now is on how to be the light each and every day. I also plan to learn from watching them and allowing them to teach me how to find the light in every day.

anna maria island photographer

anna maria island photographer

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Motherhood Is…May

May 25, 2016

This is a blog that I participate in on a monthly basis. We examine motherhood, and what it looks like for each of us. This month I focused on water. I love this quote:

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. – W. H. Auden

I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to raise our children by the water. After a busy day going down by the water is cathartic. It is amazing how the salt water can wash away the challenges of the day and restore a renewed faith in tomorrow. The ocean can definitely be a dangerous place as well, so it is my hope to make certain my children realize the power of water as well. Mostly, I love how it connects us all, and how there is such beauty in so many areas. Even when the road floods after a few hours of rain, the boys find beauty in the puddles.

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Motherhood is beauty

July 17, 2015

As a photographer I get the opportunity to photograph many different families. Every time their story is unique and special. This family had just finalized their adoption, and these girls had not seen the ocean before this trip. It was a beautiful occasion, and such a celebration of motherhood-however your story unfolds 🙂

Anna Maria photographer

Anna Maria Photographer

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Beach Family Photo Ideas {Anna Maria Island}

November 1, 2014

Anna Maria Island offers gorgeous beaches and beautiful skies which provide stunning backdrops for family photos. Choosing neutral colored clothing allows for the connection between the family members to be highlighted.

October skies are some of my favorites. The clouds and stunning colors are so beautiful to take in each evening. Please contact Kelly Janssen Photography to schedule your beach session.

Beach photography ideas anna maria island

Motherhood is … Affection

October 20, 2014

Each month I join a group of photographers who tell the story of what motherhood is to them. This month, I decided to focus on affection.
Motherhood is affection. It is that connection and love you feel from a mother to child. Motherhood is the warmth that radiates through that bond. Motherhood is knowing wherever you are-you are loved.

Anna Maria island photographer

Anna Maria Island photographer

Anna Maria Island photographer

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Motherhood is … Affection · October 20, 2014 · 12:12 PM · Family

Family Beach Photography Ideas on Anna Maria Island

August 21, 2014

Many families contact me looking for a family beach photography session on Anna Maria Island, FL. I tend to focus on the interaction between the family members, as well as the environment. This summer has been super busy with many new clients, and I have enjoyed getting to know so many new faces. Anna Maria Island has everything you need for a fabulous “Old Florida” vacation. Beautiful accommodations, stunning beaches, gorgeous sunsets, no high rise hotels, a free trolley, numerous boutiques, and plenty of space for old fashioned family time. Here are a few highlights from beach family photography sessions on Anna Maria Island, along with some tips for a gorgeous beach session.

Family beach photography ideas

DO go for neutral and seashell colored clothing. This allows the beauty of the surroundings to shine through, and allows for the focus to be on the connection, and not the clothing.

DO go for more flowy clothing. Clothing with movement works well with my style.

DO wait for sunset (or sunrise) for a beautiful sky and softer light.

DO consider a midday lifestyle session if your intent is to capture the kids enjoying a day at the beach.

DON’T worry about posing-just have fun together!

DO get wet. Most of my families end up in the water at some point, so come prepared with towels for the ride home.

DO let the kids bring bathing suits. See above!

DO relax and enjoy the evening!

DON’T focus on too many props, but DO bring a bucket or net for your beach treasures.

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Motherhood is…

August 20, 2014

I am part of a group of photographers who are working to tell the story of motherhood. Each month we will form a blog circle and share images of what motherhood is to each of us.

As I sat down to gather my thoughts on motherhood, a million things ran through my mind. I believe that there are so many facets of motherhood. Modern motherhood is also viewed in terms of how busy you are, what your decor looks like, what sports your kids are involved in, how hard it is to juggle everything, whether or not you are a pinterest professional, and how many hours you volunteer in Church. We are judged by our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and by other mothers in virtually every encounter (at least in our minds that is). So, I took some time to think about what exactly motherhood means to me. I came up with these thoughts:

Motherhood is the emotion that connects us to our child. Period. The End. Motherhood is how we feel, and how our child(ren) feel about us. Motherhood has nothing to do with a messy or clean house, picture perfect teacher gifts, soccer games, homework, changing diapers, or making dinner. All of these things can be done by caretakers. I have been both a working mom, and am currently staying at home. Never once have I felt that someone else was raising my child. Caring for a child during the day is never going to replace the example I set, or our bond. Caretaking is hard, motherhood is not.

Motherhood is loving our children through all the behavior challenges, the joys and the setbacks. Motherhood is loving our children enough to make tough choices for them. Motherhood is loving our children so that they know that every time they reach out, that the hand of their mother will be close by. Motherhood is being the safe place for them to fall. So for my first image in this series, I chose to focus on the power of touch between mother and child.

motherhood anna maria island photographer

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Motherhood is… · August 20, 2014 · 11:45 AM · Family


  • Eva · Posted August 20, 2014 at 2:23 PM · Link

    Kelly, I love your perspective and how you separate mothering from caretaking. The latter is replaceable while the former never is. And touch–so important and overlooked. It can be healing and energy giving, growth stimulating and comforting. Love the picture!

  • jessicam · Posted August 24, 2014 at 1:26 AM · Link

    So beautiful! Your words and your image 🙂

  • Shauna · Posted August 24, 2014 at 9:25 PM · Link

    What a precious image and a great start to your project!

Mother and Child Beach Photography

June 28, 2014

One of my favorite types of sessions to shoot are the mother and child photography sessions. I love capturing the tender peaceful moments of motherhood. I know all too well that these moments often get us through the difficult and chaotic ones. On this particular evening, the sunset was stunning. This particular mama has my respect. She joyfully embraces each day…challenges and the victories.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

Mother child beach photography

mother child beach anna maria island photography

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Anna Maria Island Beach Photography {Sisters}

June 28, 2014

Anna Maria Island is so beautiful, and provides many hidden location gems. I tend to chase the light and find these little spots of sunshine. This session is meant to showcase the bond between sisters. It also shows how the same location can be photographed in two very different ways.

Anna Maria Island Photographer

Anna Maria Island Photographer

Anna Maria Island chid photographer

Anna Maria Island Photographer

Anna Maria Island Photographer

Anna Maria Island Photographer

Anna Maria Island Photographer

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Anna Maria Island Photographer {Beach Family Photography}

September 25, 2013

Kelly Janssen Photography-an Anna Maria Island photographer

I so enjoy photographing families who travel to this beautiful area for their family vacation. I also so enjoy documenting the way in which a family interacts with one another, as well as the environment. This particular evening we were squeezing in as many shots as possible before the evening storms rolled in, but we were able to capture some beautiful moments.

mother and child on beach

mother and son beach photo

anna maria island family photography

anna maria island photography

anna maria island photography

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