Motherhood is….all about the light.

June 25, 2016

This is a feature where each month a group of photographers post about what Motherhood looks like to us for that particular month. This month the post due date was just after a very long week with a lot of personal and national tragedy and heartache. I decided to look over the images I had been taking, and see what I could find within them. I was expecting to talk about peace, love, family, bonding-or something of the like. Instead, I discovered something unexpected-quite literally I saw the light.

As a photographer I am always drawn to light. I find myself looking for good light (or complete lack of it), interesting light, warm light, small slivers of light….really I spend days chasing light. It is quite often that motherhood feels like this as well-chasing the daylight until time for the kids to go to bed, and then rushing to complete chores and get some sleep before daylight. What I noticed is that I very rarely have to position my children within the light. They simply find it themselves. I set out to see how and why they could so easily find this often elusive perfect light.

I discovered that my children are drawn to light. It gives them energy and joy. They turn to face the sun, they alert me to the gorgeous light of the sunrise or sunset, they love how the clouds glow at the beginning and end of the day, the can always find the moon-even in the glare of the sun. Children are always seeking the light, and choose to have their face toward the sun. They bathe in the light, are warmed by the light, play with the light, and in darkness are even comforted by light.

I am not quite certain when we lose this ability to always be drawn to the light, but I know it happens. I know now I have to look for light, and it doesn’t always come naturally or easily. I also found that my children look to me to provide the same warmth and peace as the light. It is my job to be the light for my children and others. I want to be the place that can brighten their shadows, that can provide warmth when it is cold, that can offer comfort in the night, that can help them find their way when darkness falls. My focus now is on how to be the light each and every day. I also plan to learn from watching them and allowing them to teach me how to find the light in every day.

anna maria island photographer

anna maria island photographer

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